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        200mW green star Laser Pointer Flashlight with safe key burn match

        $117.29 $99.67

        Power:200mW Laser Pointers
        Color:Green Laser Pointer
        The weight:146g

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        1. Body material: Hard aluninium
        2. Surface treatment Anodic oxidation
        3. ON/OFF switch:always light
        4. Power supply: 18650AAA rechagerable
        5.Output Wavelength: 532nm
        6.Preheat time: ≤3second
        7. Working Voltage: DC=3.7V with safety key with twinkling sky
        8. Dimension: ¢25mmX35mmX158mm
        9. Output power: 200MW can burning match

        1* Laser Pointer Flashlight Torch(not including battery and recharger)

        1.Best green laser pointer 200mw -The aviation aluminum alloy manufacture, strong and durable.
        2.18650 the battery, large capacity, easy obtainable, long duration;
        3. On/Off (ChangLiang) switch, small size which is easy to carry;
        4. Imported laser diode (LD) and accessories, increased service life, 8000 hours;
        5. The built-in laser module to improve the heat radiation, circuit boards designed giving good current protection.


      • Take down the tail cover of laser flashlight.
      • Allow at least been stripped tail inward, the anode cathode of single 18650 battery, and close the lid tightly.onfirm safety key is whether the suffering well. Green view point on, Red display point is off.
      • After start-up, light spot formed a focal point in the vicinity of the light beam exit increases by rotating the focusing terminal, light spot is larger, laser flashlight is close to the exit. You will be burning things if the focus of this point. (Please note:.. Moving range of the focal point of the beam on from a limited, because in some cases beginners can not find the focus, it can not be ignited requires more practice) If you press one more time, the laser enters the shiny module , and what is more, they are off by pressing one more time.
      • When the smallest, the beam from the light of the parallel, spot of light can not burn things.
      • When the high quality green laser pointer not in use for a long time, please remove the batteries.
      • Because it is a mighty power output, so that you do not overheat the laser flashlight when you use. It makes more sense to use it from getting cold is good. In order to use longer laser pointer, please use within 30 seconds continuously when the summer.
      • 200mw green laser pointer
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        Laser beam of red laser pointer so strong, there is a failure in the eyes. Do not look into when you use. Do not direct the eyes of others.

        Characteristics of 200mW green star Laser Pointer Flashlight with safe key burn match

        1.Extremely bright laser.
        2. Power saving, compact and reliable.

        3. The burn match 200mw green laser is a precise instrument.
        4. Point at any desired targets on projection screens, video monitors, and presentation graphics.
        5. You can even use the laser pointer pen to decorate the sky at night.
        6. This high-quality laser pointer incorporates the latest technology on laser optics and microelectronics.
        7. Use this laser pento point at any desired targets, project screens, lectures, or video monitors, presentations, museum and tour guides, point to the stars, and inspection.
        8. Metal body with rubberized finish – comfortable grip .
        9. Laser pointer pen with clip is made of heavy duty metal material for more durable to use.
        10. Simply press the button to activate the pen and release it to deactivate. 100% brand new in good condition and perfectly fit.


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