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        593.5nm Wavelength Yellow(Orange) Laser Pointer

        (2 customer reviews)

        $3,856.30 $2,719.99

        Power:50mW Laser Pointers
        Color:Yellow Laser Pointer

        Out of stock

        Technical Specifications:

        Wavelength: 593.5±1
        Laser Color: Yellow(Orange)
        Operating Mode: CW
        Transverse mode: Near TEM00
        Beam diameter at the aperture (1/e 2, mm): ~1.5(593.5nm)
        Beam divergence, full angle (mrad): 1.5(593.5nm)
        Switch: Push button
        Surface color: Black
        Power supply: 1×18650 Lithium battery
        Expected lifetime (hours): >5000
        Warranty: One Year

        Application Area:

        * Teaching and Lectures
        * Astronomy Enthusiasts
        * Museums, Gallery guides
        * Building field, Mining field
        * Business Person, Conference Speaker
        * Bars/KTV/Clubs/Concert Site

        Package List
        * 1x Yellow Laser Pointer
        * 1x Laser Safety Goggles
        * 1x 18650 Rechargeable Battery
        * 1x Charger
        * 1x High-grade Aluminum Box

        Product Pictures:

        orange laser pointer
        orange laser pen
        50mw 593.5nm laser
        593.5nm yellow laser pointer
        orange laser
        50mw laser pen
        100mw laser pointer
        200mw yellow laser

        2 reviews for 593.5nm Wavelength Yellow(Orange) Laser Pointer

        1. Xavier.Thomas

          I was skeptical as well but having a long time fascination with lasers I went ahead and bought this one. Even from over 8 feet, I could etch into wood like I used to do with a magnifying lens, of course, I’d need to practice doing it with precision from that distance. With well charged batteries, the burning is almost instant, I even lit my pipe with it just as fast as if I used a lighter and I smoke a moist pipe tobacco that isn’t easy to light. I am absolutely impressed and I don’t impress easily. Please use responsibly. Note, the batteries go in negative first (flat side.)

        2. Randy.Johnson

          I have been looking for a high-power Gatlin-type laser pointer, I like this black one, rarely see it, it seems to give people a power.

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