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        Green 200mW Laser Pointer 5in1 Beautifully Mini Flashlight

        $386.88 $290.57

        Power:200mW Laser Pointers
        Color:Green Laser Pointer
        Patterns:5 Lenses+8in1 Lens

        1500mW Red Laser Features :

        * 1000-5000m transmission distance(Depending on the size of the power)
        * Be equipped with 14500 battery, chargeable and durable
        * Laser pointer 1500mw is made of yellow copper, high-end and exquisite
        * Generating red laser beam that is clearly visible and full of energy
        * 5 laser head caps : dot pattern, starry and multi patterns
        * Switch with tail touch settings, the use of more convenient and user friendly
        * Be used to burn matches, cigarettes, paper, stuff, make a fire or driving beast in outdoor activities
        * Our products are the most authoritative and most regular, Free Shipping, 30-day Return Policy, 12-month Warranty

        Product Details :

        1500mw blue laser

        4w blue laser pointer

        blue 4000mw laser

        200mw green laser pointer

        blue 4 watt laser pointer

        astronomy red laser

        200mw laser pointer

        long range laser pointer

        green laser 200mw

        laser pointer pen 4000mw

        laser 4000mw

        Package Lists
        * 1 X Green Laser Pointer

        * 5 x Laser Head Caps
        * 1 X 14500 Rechargeable Batteries
        * 1 X Safety Goggles
        * 1 X Charger
        * 1 X Explosion-proof Aluminum Box


        * Class: III | IV
        * Output Power: 200mW
        * Laser Color: Green
        * Wavelength: 532nm
        * Modes: Continuous Wave
        * Focus: Adjustable
        * Size: 13mm x 99mm
        * Weight: 300g
        * Material: Yellow Copper
        * Laser Finish: Rubber Paint
        * Switch: Push Button Constant On/Off
        * Laser Range: 1,000-5,000 Meters
        * Power Supply: 14500 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
        * Battery Lifetime: 30-120mins
        * Expected Lifetime: 5,000 Hours
        * Warranty: 12 Months
        * Working Temperature: 14°F ~ 86°F
        * Storage Temperature: 14°F ~ 104°F

        1. Don’t point red laser light at faces or eyes
        2. Don’t point blue beam at aircraft
        3. Don’t point 1500mw laser pointer beams at vehicles
        4. Don’t hold a 4000mw laser light on the skin
        5. Don’t point laser pen at animals for any reason
        6. When not in use, please take out the battery and put laser 200mw in the place where the child is not easy to get
        7. If you find a serious reduction in long distance lazer beam brightness, please pay attention to the battery charge or replace the battery
        8. Battery charging 1-2 hours, please do not charge for a long time, in order to avoid damage to the battery


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