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        Powerful astronomy 1000mW blue laser pointer flashlight

        $483.17 $405.50

        Power:1000mW Laser Pointers
        Color:Blue Laser Pointer
        Wavelength:450nm Lasers

        There are five colors cheap 1000mwblue laser pointer to choose now, silver, black, yellow, red, blue. Lamp power 1000mw blue laser torch with different colors is very powerful. This can burn match blue laser produces a beam of extremely powerful and impressive blue. This product can burn plastic or paper in just a few seconds. Comes with safety glasses, this blue laser pointer must be handled with care. It will soon become a tool more efficient and more pleasant to handle

        Product parameters:
        Material: hard aluminum
        Surface treatment of appearance: Black anodizing
        Opening and closing manner: by touch switch
        Battery: 2 * 16340 rechargeable
        Length :445-450nm wave
        Starting time ≤ 3s
        Operating Voltage: DC7v
        Dimension: ¢ 24mm (head) X180mm (length)

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        Package Contents:
        1 lamp laser torch 1000mW
        Set packaging
        Aluminum boutique packing boxes
        A battery
        Universal charge
        Protective glasses

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        We believe that we will give you 100% satisfaction.
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