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        Waterproof 200mw green laser pointer flashlight

        (1 customer review)

        $467.85 $252.67

        Power:200mw Laser Pointers
        Color:Green Laser Pointer
        Effective distance:500 – 10000M

        The 200mW waterproof green laser pointer is a new product from our store. This laser works well underwater, sturdy housing for long service life. Laser light with spot style, very bright and beautiful. The 200mW is enough to light match or cigarette, there’s much fun if you make it well-handed following the instruction for safety). Also, all of our high power lasers are available in global wholesale, so please contact us via email if needed.

        Wave Length: 532nm
        Output Power: 180mW-200mw
        Safety Class: ClassIIIB
        Control Circuit: Circuit APC
        Special Fuction: Waterproof
        Beam Style: Continuous line
        Bright Spot Size: 10M <φ18MM
        Fashion Focus: Fixing
        Electrical Current <650mA
        Voltage: DC = 3V
        voltage Startup: DC = 2.6V
        Warm-up Time: No
        Class: Class 3B
        Operating Temperature: +15 ℃ ~ +30 ℃
        Temperature in Stock: -10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃
        Operating packing: Paper box
        Battery: 1 x CR123A lithium battery (same standard 16340)
        Warranty: 1 year from manufacturers

        waterproof green laser 200mW

        200mw waterproof green laser

        waterproof green laser pointer

        Whats in the box?
        Waterproof green laser x1
        package box x1
        18650 battery x1
        Battery charger x1

        NOTE: Do NOT make this laser working toward animals or people. Please determine whats your application before purchasing, you can buy some low power lasers if just for decoration. Just careful go trough the instruction before using, we will NOT take any responsibility for your intended injury with this laser.

        1 review for Waterproof 200mw green laser pointer flashlight

        1. Gary.Scott

          This is a really fun laser to amaze your friends with with its brightness and how visible the beam is at night. However, my laser came marked as 200mW when the site clearly says 300mW. When focused, it can make a little smoke on dark black plastics or electrical tape, but I would not call this a burning laser. Overall, very fun and very high quality for a laser of this price! The beam goes on forever, so don’t point it at planes! (unless you want to end up in jail)

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